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Buster is my pal and drives with me almost everywhere.  While driving our hilly landscape, I struggled to watch him try to stay on the passenger seat whenever I would brake or make a turn.  


On top of that, I was frustrated trying to keep my car seats clean.  We live in Seattle, where it rains quite a bit, and although I tried several options to protect the seats, nothing really worked.  Towels wouldn't stay put, and products on the market were too cumbersome to take on and off as kids and friends hopped into the car all day long.  I was always struggling to remove the mud, water, and dirt that Buster’s feet would inevitably leave before someone sat down. 


That's how Buster Boy Mats came about.  This is for all of us who want to have our pet with us but would love to have a little less dirt in our car and a lot less stress on our pet. 

I love using my Buster Boy mat and now always have it with me in the car.  I’m sure that once you see what a difference it makes to car trips with your dog and how easy it is to use, that you will too. 




Happy Trails! 


Melanie and Buster 

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